Caddie Program


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Tuckaway Country Club Caddie Programfor 2018. To better prepare you as a caddie, we have developed a thorough training program to help you become familiar with your responsibilities as a caddie. It is not a must that you play golf, however we do encourage you to play, as it will help you become more familiar with the game of golf and the golf course. We will be conducting our training sessions on the following dates:

Saturday, April 7          4:00-4:45            Registration / Orientation
Friday, April 13            4:30-6:00            On course training
Saturday, April 14        4:30-6:00            On course training
Friday, April 20            4:30-6:00            On course training
Saturday, April 21        4:30-6:00            On course training
Friday, April 27            4:30-6:00            On course training
Saturday April 28        4:00                     Final Exam

Please be sure to sign in at each session. You must attend three of these training sessions before you can take the Final Exam but we encourage you to attend all training sessions to gain more confidence as a caddy.

Tuckaway Country Club enforces a strict dress code that applies to all members and caddies as well.  This means collared shirts, tennis shoes not golf shoes, khaki pants or shorts. No jeans, T-shirts or gym shorts will be allowed, please follow the dress code during all training sessions. Caddies will not have to bring anything to the training sessions, but we do suggest you bring a small notebook to make personal notes as we go through each training session.

After completing the training sessions, you will take a written test on what you have learned from the training sessions, videos, and the training manual. If the test is not passed on the first try, we will go over it with you and explain the mistakes you made. You will then be required to have an additional training session and retake the test. Once you have passed the test you will take further training on the golf course for 9 holes as a “test-run” to make sure you are comfortable on the course.

We will be keeping the 25 best caddies, so pay attention and earn your place on the caddie roster.

Upon making the caddie roster those that are under the age of 18 will be required to obtain a work permit from your school counselor. Tuckaway will reimburse you when the work permit is turned in and you have caddied your first time.

Remember the best caddies make the most money $$$$. Any questions, call the pro shop (414)425-6570. Good luck and we look forward to you caddying at Tuckaway Country Club.

Click here for Caddie Operations Manual


Matt Taken, Head Golf Professional, PGA
Victor Jacinto, Assistant Golf Professional, PGA
Nicholas Bauer, Assistant Golf Professional
Tuckaway Country Club